D406 - Fedeli alla linea - Arte contemporanea

>>> Aurélie W. Levaux

Aurélie W. Levaux
“L'heure vient, vilaine petite chose”

14 Settembre - 21 Ottobre 2012
Times 18:00, Galleria D406 Fedeli alla linea
First italian staff member of the belgian artist.
On white cotton fabric, the artist mixes China inks with embroidery, giving life to complex narrative compositions (between the comic strip and contemporary art)Where the expressive and delicate force of the piece live in perfect harmony.
The numerous works of art were realized especially for the theme of the phylosophy festival of 2012. The protagonist of the works of art of  Levaux that come here requested, is nothing other than a fantastic image of herself.  
The particular medium used by the artist (the fabric,with it's extreme versatility, weightlessness and iregularity) makes the works of Levaux the OBJECTS that can be carried anywhere with great freedom and without the need of an "atelier".
Born in 1981,Aurélie William Levaux lives and works in Liegi.
Is a member of the collective Mycose, and her work (China ink and embroidery on white cotton) places her in comic strips, textile decorations, personal diary and conteporary art.
From the expositions: Arts: Le Havre 2010;  Hey a la Halle Saint-Pierre (Parigi 2011); Galerie 100 Titres (Bruxelles) 2009.
From the books: “Prédiction” (2011); “Sous ta barbe mon âme est morte” (2011) “ Les yeux du seigneur”  (2010); “Menses ante rosam” (2008).