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Toccafondo - Delfini

Year of publication: 2009
Cover: Box with 2 hardcovered books
Language: Italiana
Edition: D406 / Logos
Number of pages: 364
Price: 30 €

Catalogue of Gianluigi Toccafondo's exhibition dedicated to Antonio Delfini, writer, poet and journalist of the first half of 900. President of the Academy of Tell, member of the Honorary Board of the publisher "Guanda" Publishing and one of the founders of the magazine "Oggi".

An exhibition where Toccafondo thins the fixity of the photos and the depth of the writer, tracing the neurotic process. Stories flowing like a screen on which the subject projects them.


"To work i need a territory, a theme or a topic. I can not pull off anything from a blank sheet. With D406, I had already made a show where the city was the protagonist, drawings for the "Storchi" theater, the ERT season, and we were waiting for an idea for a new exhibition.

The occasion was founded by the Library Dolphins, I commissioned a work dedicated to the writer. I have provided a large amount of photographic material. In addition to portraits illustrating his life, there are some beautiful photos of the city of Modena, taken by the author himself. So I was able to get an idea of ​​"Delfini's" territory, environments and characters that populate "la città dei Sandroni."

I discovered Modena through Antonio Delfini's writings and pictures.

These are the basis and inspiration for the creation of 70 drawings that will be played enlarged and placed in the ceiling of the "Sala Delfini", as a sort of "fresco" of the life of the writer, while in the gallery D406 will be on display all the original drawings.

Thanks to the passion for books that distinguishes the gallery D406, we have created a publication that includes all the work; it is divided into two volumes: "Antonio Delfini" and "è mio dovere scrivere la malapoesia."

The first includes all the work for the library, while the second brings together 37 drawings in black and white with invectives of Dolphins.

These designs have come out as a liberating gesture at the end of the project. I was transcribing notes taken from Il ricordo della Basca” and “Poesie della fine del mondo” on small sheeets, which I was not able to put in more plastic and photographic images. With the addition of a few signs, took shape characters and text characters. The stripped image became suddenly more and more similar to writing.

It was the closest moment to the writing of Antonio Delfini. "

Gianluigi Toccafondo